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Palomar Engineers JC-1-1500

Palomar Engineers JC-1-1500

Coax Jumper Choke - RG-8X - RFI Range: 3-30 MHz, -30 dB Noise Reduction, 1.5KW PEP

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Simple Jumper Feed Line Choke

The simplest, most cost effective feed line choke is a ferrite ring installed as shown in the picture (at the antenna feed point) to stop feed line radiation or at the radio end of the coax to suppress common mode coax noise current on the coax braid.

Improves antenna pattern by preventing your dipole from becoming a tripole

Suppresses pesky coax braid radiation and RFI

Reduces coax braid common mode current up to -30 dB ( 6 "S" units) on receive

Use one choke for each antenna feed line

Add a double female barrel connector to act as an "extension" of the existing coax.

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