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Small High-Efficiency Loop Tuners

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The MFJ-936B is a specialised small wire loop tuner for portable/home use. It has built-in SWR and RF antenna current meters for tuning. It turns virtually any wire loop into a high efficiency transmitting magnetic loop antenna. Depending on its length, and this can be 5ft, 10ft or longer, it is possible to cover two or more amateur bands. You can operate up to 150W, no ground, radials or counterpoises required. The wire can even be simply draped around a bookcase. The MFJ-936B has a carry handle built into the side. There is a detachable PVC mount that bolts onto the top of the case. Into this can be placed a PVC frame cross (MFJ-57) for mounting a 20-15m or MFJ-58 for mounting a 17-10m antenna, alternatively you can use insulated wire such as PVC coated multristranded copper wire to form an antenna. You can tune any shape loop - circle, square rectangle, any odd shape. A quarter wavelength wire shaped as a circle is the most efficient though. A 10ft wire formed into a loop operates 20-15m, 5ft for 17-10m, 24ft for 30-40m.