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Powerwerx PanelPole2

Powerwerx PanelPole2

Panel Mount Housing for Two Powerpole Connectors with a Weather Tight Cover

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Easily add Powerpole outputs to your dashboard, go-box, panel or chassis mount. Weather tight rubber cover protects connectors when not in use. High output capacity of up to 45A on each Powerpole. Includes (2) 30A contacts for 12-14 AWG wire. Fits 1-1/8" dia. hole. User removable retaining pin allows for changing Powerpole connectors to different colors if needed.

The only weather tight panel mount housing for 15/30/45 amp Powerpole connectors. Fits any 1-1/8" diameter hole and secures via a rear threaded nut. Easy add high power (up to 45A) output on your dashboard, go-box, panel or chassis.

High Output Panel Mount

  • Includes (2) Anderson Powerpole connectors, rated up to 30 amps continuous operation. Optional 261G2-LPBK contacts allow operation up to 45 amps with 10 AWG wire size.

Protective Weather Tight Cover

  • Included weather tight protective cover which seals front mounted Powerpole connectors when not in use.

Anderson Powerpole Connectors

  • Compatible and designed to work with your favorite Anderson Powerpole 15, 30 & 45 amp connectors.

Standard Mounting Hole

  • 1 1/8" standard panel mounting hole compatible. Ideal for go-box, dashboard or chassis mounting.

Tech Specs:

Connections: Supplied with (2) Red/Black Powerpole Connectors. Customer may purchase alternate colored housings and change colors as needed.
Compatibility: Mates with all 15, 30 & 45 amp Powerpole connectors
Maximum Voltage: 58VDC
Maximum Amperage: Up to 45A each Powerpole connector (continuous). Includes: 30A Powerpole contacts for 12-14 AWG wire size.
Mountable: 1-1/8" diameter standard panel mounting hole.
Rear Housing Depth: 7/8" (not including wiring)
Includes: Includes: Dual Body in Black color, (2) Powerpole Red/Black connector, (4) 30A Powerpole Contacts, (1) Retaining Pin (pre-installed), (1) Weather Tight Black Rubber Cover, (1) Threaded Locking Nut
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