BandPasser II - Six Band Bandpass Filter System

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The ShackLAN Bandpasser contains six high performance bandpass filters in a single compact package and comes standard with filters for 160, 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meters. Filters for 160 m thru 15 m are 3-pole Chebyshev designs which provide over 40 dB rejection of adjacent bands (excluding WARC bands). Due to the narrow separation between 15 m and 10 m (25%), the 10 m filter is a Cauer high pass design that provides deep notches on the 15 m and 20 m bands. These filters are rated at 100 W CW / 200 W SSB and can handle 100% duty-cycle modes, such as RTTY. These filters are designed be used between your radio and amplifier or antenna. Low insertion loss (less than 0.6 db) and low SWR (less than 1.25:1) across an entire band. The filters can be selected via front panel pushbutton switches, via our ShackLAN system or remotely by applying +12 V DC for each individual band to the rear panel control connector. Bypass mode is automatically selected when no power is applied or no filters are selected. As is standard in all ShackLAN devices, the unit is protected against reverse polarity and over-voltage.

All filters in the Bandpasser are built with high quality components using Micrometals toroid cores and low-dissipation, high-Q TDK capacitors. All shunt (parallel) nodes are built with 2 kV and 3 kV capacitors while the series node uses 1 kV, 2 kV and 3 kV capacitors. While these filters are rugged, you should be aware of problems that can arise when operating the unit into a high SWR which can cause unexpected high RF voltages, even at 100 watts. Also, the filters are designed for 50 ohms and a large departure from the design impedance can change the filter response and you may not achieve optimal band to band rejection. Be aware that the tuners built into many radios will not correct any high SWR presented to the Bandpasser. If you must operate into high SWR loads you should use an external tuner connected between the Bandpasser and your antenna or antenna switch. Most amplifiers have a reasonable match on the input and should not 
normally present any problems. The Bandpasser is packaged in a heavy duty 0.08" (2.03 mm) thick wall) anodized aluminum case. Front and rear panels are laser engraved so the lettering will not wear off with use. RF connectors have teflon insulation and gold plated center pins. Power requirements are 12-14 V DC at 100 mA.

Other Features:

  • Can be driven by Per Band Mode (12 V DC to the pin) or Direct Band decoding
  • Direct band decoding throught the Band Data connector for Elekraft and Yaesu without the need of external band decoder.
  • Includes our shacklan control bus which can drive our antenna switch controllers to select antennas automatically.