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Lido Radio Products L-MAX-DELUXE

Lido Radio Products L-MAX-DELUXE

Heavy Duty Seat Bolt Mount Up To 8 Lbs With Deluxe Multi Device Package

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This package includes the Lido L-MAX Seat Bolt Mount and the Lido Deluxe Multi Device Package as well as the LM-EXT-01-Deluxe

L-MAX heavy duty seat bolt mount holds up to 8 lbs.


Compatible with adapters and holders having a 4-Hole AMPS pattern like the Lido EXT-01 extension plate for Multiple devices.

Holds from 8.8 lbs up to 17.6 lbs with Optional Brace.

Recommended For:

  • Amateur Radio
  • Fleets
  • Service Vehicles

Key Benefits:

  • Adjustable arm and swivel ball help position device
  • Easy to install
  • 2 year limited warranty



The L-MAX is designed to hold up to 8.8 pounds with little vibration. The extension arms are made of aluminum tubing. The elbow connections have been outfitted with teeth type connections for a secure hold. The unique feature of the L-MAX is the quick release base. The base can be either removed or moved from vehicle to vehicle with. Just release the mount from the base with the lever. Lido also offers additional mounting bases (LM-L-MAX-Base), so you can move the mount from Vehicle to Vehicle.

With the inclusion of the Deluxe Multi Device Holder, you can mount any Amateur Radio HT, Scanner, Speaker Mic or Remote Radio Head. In some cases you will need to purchase the manufacturers Remote Kit to get their Remote Head Bracket. If the manufacturer offers this, you will need it to attach to this mounting solution. The LM-EXT-01-Deluxe Multi Device Package includes a EXT-01 6" X 2" anodized aluminum plate with multiple 4 hole amps pattern holes. It also comes with a pre-drilled hole for a 5mm screw, which is included in the kit. This size of screw is used to attach the Yaesu FTM series of radios. The bracket also has a 1/4 X 20 predrilled hole and the screw. This is used for Icom remote heads like the IC-7100 and remote head brackets for the IC-706 and IC-7000. Please note you will need the optional Icom Remote Head Brackets for the IC-706 and IC-7000. They can be purchased from any Icom Dealer. Lido also includes 2 EXP-1 HT / Speaker mic holder and the bracket to attach them to the EXT-01. A metal mic clip and an Icom hook are also included.