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JT Communications TM-1 ELECRAFT XIEGU X-1 STD

JT Communications TM-1 ELECRAFT XIEGU X-1 STD

TuneMatic Automatic Motorized Antenna Controller - 1 to 60 MHz - For Xiegu X-1

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TuneMatic is a self-contained antenna controller which will automatically adjust the acceptable resonant frequency of a screwdriver/motorized antenna. TuneMatic operates over a range of 1-60MHz, and supports a wide variety of screwdriver-type tunable antennas.

TuneMatic utilizes frequency, VSWR detection and pulse position measurements of the antenna to obtain the proper tuning, and keeps track of the parameters of the antenna by storing the tuning data in a series of internal reserved memory banks, based on frequency and bandwidth. TuneMatic is independent of radio make and model and will support any HF radio with a PTT control line and switched power.


  • Universally supports both current and legacy HF transceivers.
  • Operates multiple antenna models.
  • Simplified installation and setup.
  • Activates from rig power switch.
  • Factory supplied interface for specific rigs provides automatic rig control.
  • Utilizes self-learning technology; the more it stores, the smarter it becomes.
  • Backlit wired remote button assembly provides all necessary functions.
  • All remote lines optically isolated for maximized RF protection.
  • Employs frequency, motor pulse, and VSWR sensing for accurate tuning results.
  • Supports manual and automatic modes – user has full control of all operations.
  • Continuous 1 thru 60 MHz operating frequency range, 200W CW power.
  • Up to 3000 memories - over 50 years retention with over 1,000,000 read/write cycles.
  • Self-calibrating antenna PARKING feature.
  • Programmable motor current limit sensing – from 0.2A thru 1.7A.
  • Antenna protected by motor over-current, soft limit, and missing pulse detection.
  • Variable motor control for fine-tuning (manual & automatic modes).
  • Cold weather compensation for motor variations (user adjustable).
  • Audible Morse code alert and status messages.
  • Amplifier bypass relay option disables external amp keying during tune mode.
  • Factory options for interfacing various radios.
  • Metal enclosure for superior shielding
  • Backlit remote control button assembly
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