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8 Bands HF/VHF Multi-Band Mobile Antenna

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Opek HVT-400B is a multi-band high performance HF/VHF Mobile Antenna.

*To change the operation band you simply move the jumper. This antenna can be set to operate on any one of these bands: 80, 40, 20, 15, 10, 6 or 2 meters plus 440 MHz! Power capacity is 120 watts.

The base of the antenna is a male PL-259 and therefore requires a PO mount. This antenna does not include the mount or coax.

HVT-400B High Performance HF/VHF 8-Band (1/4λ) + 2-Band (5/8λ) Mobile Communications ANTENNA

  • Freq. Bands 1/4λ Design: 80M(3.75 MHz) / 40M(7.15 MHz) / 20M(14.2 MHz) / 15M(21.2 MHz) / 10M(29 MHz) / 6M(52 MHz) / 2M(145 or 146MHz) / 70cm(435 or 445MHz) - 5/8λ DESIGN: 2M(145 MHz) / Air Band(118/136 MHz)
  • 120W MAX. Power Handling
  • Use Jumper Wire To Change Freq. Band
  • PL-259 Connection
  • Retractable Telescopic Whip For Best TX/RX Tuning
  • Overall Length: 72.83 inches
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