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OPEK 3 Blade Stripper for LMR400 / LMR240 / RG11

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OPEK 3 Blade Stripper for LMR400 / LMR240 / RG11 / RG8 / RG213

The blade stripper tool is designed to prep a wide range of popular coaxial cables. Utilizing its two-level cable stripper, it’s designed to prevent over-penetration of the cutting blades and cable distortion. The diameter length is 10.5mm, is 4.3″ (108mm) long, and weighs 68g. The sharpened metal blades and hard plastic exterior enables durability. The lightweight design with a built-in hex wrench with adjustable blades allows portability.


  • 3 blades cable stripper for Coaxial Cable
  • Stripping length D=4-8mm (3 Blades Total Length 12mm)
  • Streamlined design, no need to replace cassette and adjust v-lock
  • Using built-in hex wrench to align the socket and adjusts the blade
  • Durable, light weight and portable.


Length: 4.3" (109mmL)

Cable Types:

  • RG-8
  • 9913
  • RG-11
  • RG-213
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