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OPEK Cutter for RG58 / RG59 / RG6

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The OPEK heavy-duty cable cutter features an ergonomic molded finger and palm grip for easy use. It is made with carbon steel with a black oxide finish.

6.3″ (159mm) in length. The heavy-duty cable cutter is for sizes up to a max of 16mm^2. The PVC handle and high-quality hard steel frame enable durability. OPEK Cutter is for RG58 / RG59 / RG6 cables.


  • Designed to cut coaxial cable with a steel center conductor and optimal blade geometry ensures the cable staying round during the cutting process.
  • Manufactured by using fine blanking technology with precision grinding ensures clear operation and durability.
  • Compatible with RG58 / RG59 / RG 6. V shape cuts into the center conductor without deforming
  • Insulated handles for easy handling


Length: 6.3" (159mmL)
Tool material: Carbon steel
Cable Types: For cable RG58 / RG59 / RG6 and cable with steel component. Max. 16mm2 cable

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