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COMPACtenna COMPACtenna 2M/440 microBEAM

COMPACtenna COMPACtenna 2M/440 microBEAM

Dual Band 2M/440MHz 10dB 100 Watt micro-BEAM Antenna

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Tiny High Performance HAM Radio Dual Band Beam Directional Gain Antenna for the 2 Meter and 440 Bands

  • Only 22” long, 29” wide, and 30” high (4.5 lb. Wind Load 0.5 sq ft)
  • Fits through most attic openings (nearly)fully assembled where standard beam antennas often don’t, even small ones
  • Fits in small spaces where standard beam antennas don’t, even small ones
  • Short length and short height with balanced design (reduced torque) often allows use of inexpensive TV antenna style rotors
  • Minimal assembly required


This Unique Beam Antenna creates dual-band operation by incorporating the COMPACtenna dual-band model 2M/440+ 9” antenna paired with the COMPACtenna Optimized CompacCounterpoise, plus dual loop reflectors, all precisely engineered for maximum performance and plug-and-play excellent SWR’s.

  • [Surrounding metal structures can affect SWR; with such interactions minimized SWR is typically 1:1 – 1.5:1 across the 2M and 440 bands.]
  • Frame is constructed of attractive gloss black Heavy Duty UV Stable Outdoor Rated PVC.

Excellent forward gain with Diverse EM Fields (Elliptical Polarization) & Broad signal (spatial) ‘capture’ resulting in 10dB MEG on Both Bands

  • [(-3dB) beam width 120 degrees] and stabilized signals in our common Non Line of Sight environments, with temperature and humidity inversion pathways as well as tropospheric propagation, and satellite communications.
  • Desirable Front-to-Side (15dB) and Front-to-Back (25dB) Signal ratios for noise reduction
  • Antenna Driven Element Type: Unique Electric/Magnetic Field Diversity Science & Technology Patented Design Patent No. US 9,407,001

With a special design construct of spiraled and cylindrical metal sheeting including ‘extended flat monofilar spiral Tesla-like coils’, all resistance, inductance and capacitance (matching) is efficiently done by the physical metallic geometric form of the antenna itself, as opposed to internal or external (lossy) components of other designs.

“Magnetic Field Resonator”: This built-in resonating matching system is an effectual component of the electromagnetic E & H fields production, resulting in better performance than expected for such a small antenna. With a particularly strong magnetic near field, proximity noise is reduced. And resulting diverse effective electromagnetic fields (elliptical polarization and phase diversity) as well as broad elevation coordinate signal pattern provides stabilized signals in our common Non-Line of Sight environments, with temperature and humidity inversion pathways & tropospheric propagation, and satellite communications, further enhancing performance in our world of (dynamic) obstructions, mitigating signal drops, reducing flutter, and increasing reliable range.

System Applications:

  • Digital & Analog 2 Meters and 440 Band Amateur (HAM) Radio
  • Easy Portability/Use



  • Maximum Power Rating: 100 Watts

[Maximum Duty Cycle at max. power rating: Maximum total transmit time of 1 minute in any 2 minute period. Maximum Ambient temperature rating 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Hotter conditions such as higher ambient temperature, sun exposure, lesser air flow, etc. decrease duty cycle.]

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