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C Crane Company, Inc. SSB2

C Crane Company, Inc. SSB2

CC Skywave SSB 2 With AM FM SW WX and Aviation Bands

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CC SKYWAVE™ SSB 2 With AM, FM, Shortwave, NOAA Weather + Alert, Scannable VHF Aviation Band and Single Side Band


The Skywave SSB 2 has wide and accurate band coverage in a small size which makes it an excellent travel and emergency radio. Single Side Band is a reliable way to get long range information after an earthquake or hurricane, when normal communications are down. The SSB tuning is accurate to 10 Hertz resolution. It also covers civilian aviation VHF with 10 aviation memories that can continuously scan for activity. It also covers AM/FM and Weather with Alert.

The new The Skywave SSB 2 has several improvements: The new Shortwave antenna jack can significantly improve SW reception when used with an external antenna. The new micro-USB connector now works well from any USB port along with improved in-circuit battery charging for optional “AA” NiMH rechargeable batteries. Other upgrades include a higher quality speaker along with slightly more audio amplification. Longer feet on the bottom of the radio for better stability.

Features: Rotary volume dial, stereo headphone jack, clock, alarm, sleep timer, 400 memory presets, adjustable squelch for VHF, lighted LCD display, 9/10 kHz tuning and Micro-USB power input jack. Runs on (2) “AA” batteries for approximately 65 hours. Optional 5V AC Adapter with a micro-USB tip is available.

Included: CC Wire Terminal Antenna Adapter for shortwave (2-wire to mono plug) and a portable 23’ CC Shortwave Reel Antenna.

A Quick Way to Start Listening to Single Sideband

Single Sideband (SSB) Frequency Lists

Please note: When using headphones or earbuds there is an easily discernable, but not loud “pop” when switching bands and on memory presets on airband. There is no pop when using the speakers. It will take time to find the hardware and software remedy. It will not be corrected on this first shipment but we are working it and expect it to be reduced on future shipments. The new Skywave SSB-2 was up for a price rise October 2022 but we’re keeping it at $169.99 for now.


  • AM, FM, NOAA Weather band plus Alert, Shortwave (1711-29.999MHz) with SSB, VHF Aviation Band
  • Direct entry of a frequency plus auto scan and store
  • Lighted LCD display
  • Selectable fast or fine tuning on all bands except weather
  • 400 memory presets
  • 10 Aviation Memories can be scanned for activity
  • 1, 9, and 10kHz tuning
  • (Optional) CC Skywave SSB 2 AC power adapter w/ micro USB plug required for charging NiMH batteries.
  • Runs on (2) AA Alkaline batteries (not included)
  • Run Time (on batteries):
    ± 70 hours (earbuds)
    ± 65 Hours (built-in speaker)
    (times are approximate)
  • Stereo headphone jack and fold-out back stand
  • Clock with 12/24 hour format, Alarm
  • Rotary volume knob
  • High quality CC Buds Earphones, radio carry case and CC SW Reel Antenna included
  • One Year Limited Warranty

6.0 oz. (without batteries). size: 4.75" W x 3" H x 1.1" D
U.S. Patent #D 863,251 S
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