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Chameleon Antenna CHA TD LITE 2.0

Chameleon Antenna CHA TD LITE 2.0

HF Multi Band Tactical Dipole LITE 2.0

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The CHA TD LITE 2.0 (Tactical Dipole LITE 2.0) is a HF multi band dipole that offers the convenience of a single, easy to erect antenna that can be installed in a number of configurations to suit the needs of the user. Standard Dipole, Inverted V and Inverted L, End Fed, NVIS and Sloper configurations are all possible with the TD Lite 2.0. The antenna will operate at all frequencies from 1.8-54 MHz without adjustment with most modern internal or external antenna tuners. The antenna can be supported by trees, masts, towers, or other field expedient structures. 

The Antenna System Consists Of:

  • 1 X TD Lite 2.0 TRANSFORMER
  • 2 X 60’ Tinned Copper KEVLAR PTFE (Teflon) (-70°C to 150°C) wires
  • Two wire winders
  • All Stainless Steel Hardware


  • Frequency: 6M – 160M
  • Power: 500W SSB Phone, 250W CW, 100W High Duty Cycle Digital Modes
  • SWR: Dependent on Configuration but generally below 2.5:1


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