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Palomar Engineers BA-9-1000
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Palomar Engineers BA-9-1000

50:450 Ohm (9:1) Balun or Unun Core Kit, .5-32 MHz, 1000W PEP

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50:450 ohm (9:1) Balun or Unun Core Kit, .5-32 MHz, 1000 watts PEP, end fed/Ladder Line, T2FD antenna

Product Details:

  • Type: Balun or Unun
  • Input Ohms/Output Ohms: 50 in, 450 out
  • Frequency Range < 2:1 SWR (MHz): .5-32
  • PEP Power Rating (Watts): 1000 Watts PEP
  • Antenna Compatability: Unun: End fed, Balun: Ladder line


  • Model BA-9-1000 is a 9:1 balun/unun kit (assembly required from parts supplied) used to translate a 50 ohm input up to 450 ohms at RF power levels up to 1000 watts when used with a matched load.
  • It provides conversion from unbalanced coax to balanced ladder line/antenna feed point and gives a 9:1 impedance step-up to reduce SWR on the coax.
  • Place at the junction of the balanced line and the coax to convert from balanced line to unbalanced coax.
  • It can also be wired as an UNUN with unbalanced coax input to unbalanced output such as an end fed antenna

KIT Contents:

  • The kit consists of a ferrite toroidal core
  • Three colors of insulated wire
  • A SO-239 UHF connector with stainless steel hardware
  • Instruction manual

Assembly Time

  • About 1 hour

Radio Club Idea:

  • Buy 10 for a club do it yourself construction project - you can learn something and also build an end fed antenna (just add wire).
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