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Radio Today Guide For Yaesu FTDX10

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This book includes Useful Tips and Tricks for the configuration and operation of the Yaesu FTDX10 transceiver.

Rather than duplicate the manuals which describe each button, function, and control individually, this book uses a more functional approach.

This is a “How To Do It” book with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions.

For example, the book easily describes how to set up the transceiver for SSB operation. Then it follows that up for CW, FM, RTTY, PSK, and external digital mode software such as FT8.

The aim is not to replace the manual but to more fully explain how to configure and operate the radio to take advantage of its many great features.

For example, when the book covers the front panel controls, it explains not only what the control does, but how and when to use it. Along the way, the book offers a few ‘tips’ on how to properly configure your radio.

These are suggestions that provide guidance about your new radio.

Learn about the touchscreen controls, the band scope display, and the new FT8 Preset.

The book will help you get the most from this complicated transceiver.