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Powerwerx USBbuddy2
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Powerwerx USBbuddy2

USBbuddy Anderson Power Pole to USB Converter

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Convert any existing Powerpole source into a USB device charging power port. Input 10-32VDC. Output 5-12V DC (up to 27W). Supports QC3.0 fast charge protocol. Compatible with iPhones, iPods, iPads, Android, Tablets and more.

Mountable Inline Formfactor

Can be mounted and hidden under a console or dashboard. The total 40 inch wire length helps make OEM installations easy. 

Multiple Fast Charging Protocols

USB QC3.0 fast device charger with support for multiple fast charging protocols including: Qualcomm QC3.0, Qualcomm QC2.0, Apple 2.4A, Huawei Fast Charging Protocol, and more.


QC3.0 USB allows up to 27W of charging power. Ideal for fast charging smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

Sealed Potted Electronics

Fully encapsulated electronics help protect against moisture, exposure, shock and vibration, and also helps prevent EMI.


Operating Voltage 8-35 V
5V Output 3A Max
QC3.0 Output 5-12V DC (27W Max)
USB Cable Length 14 in
Red/Black Wire Length 26 in (18 AWG)
Mounting Two provided mounting tabs
Operating Temperature Range -40 to +176°F (-40 to +80 °C)
Over Voltage Protection Yes
Over Current Protection Yes
Over Temperature Protection Yes
Short Circuit Protection Yes
Reverse Polarity Protection Yes
Recommend Installation Use IFH-18-02 inline blade fuse holder with 5A fuse on 12/24V input
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