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Using GPS in Amateur Radio (Radio Today Guide)

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This book is about using the data broadcast by GPS and other GNSS satellites for amateur radio. As well as explaining how GPS works and how the GNSS satellites orbit, there are chapters describing the ways that cheap GPS receivers can be used for a variety of amateur radio activities.

The book includes several projects that you can build at home using cheap GPS receiver boards, a Nextion display, and a Raspberry Pi Zero 2W. Other Raspberry Pi models will work. The software is written in Python. No prior knowledge of Linux or Python is required, so you can learn some programming as well. Build a shack clock that shows UTC, local time, your location and your Maidenhead grid square. The second project uses the GPS receiver as a cheap GPSDO frequency reference. The third project builds on that to create a GPS governed 10 MHz OCXO for use with test equipment, transverters, or as a reference signal for your Icom IC-9700 transceiver or similar.