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CQ VHF Propagation

CQ VHF Propagation

A Practical Guide For Radio Amateurs

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CQ brings you this new – Second Edition from three of Amateur Radio’s well-known authors – WB2AMU, WB6NOA and K7JA!
Just about all radio amateurs in the United States, as well as those in many other areas of the world have access to VHF radio frequencies, regardless of their license class. And, the propagation modes that are often seen on these frequencies make for some pretty incredible operating conditions.
You’ll find a wealth of information within VHF Propagation – beginning with Chapter 1’s Introduction to the Troposphere and Ionosphere to Chapter 12’s New Digital Mode Revolution in VHF+ DXing which will bring you up-to-speed on the revolution in tools and techniques for VHF+ DXing. This new found-knowledge will certainly add to your enjoyment of the hobby!