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Complete Digirig Interface Kit Yaesu Mobiles With RJ-12 Mic Jack (See Below For Supported Models)

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Complete Digirig Interface Kit for Yaesu Mobiles With RJ-12 Mic Jack

  • cable works with Yaesu and other mobile transceivers using RJ-12 mic jack and 3.5mm TRS speaker connector
  • data cable allows digital modes and packet radio protocols as FT8, FT4, SSTV, APRS, Echolink, Allstar etc
  • great for working satellites (e.g. APRS and SSTV)
  • data cable combines audio and PTT control, plugs into Digirig’s audio socket
  • coiled cable keeps things nice and tidy by preventing knots and kinks
  • coiled part is about 24″ relaxed, 72″ fully stretched, mic cable is ~6″, speaker cable is ~18″
  • shielded and RF choked with ferrite beads on both ends to prevent RFI
  • premium quality materials and craftsmanship

Supported Models:

Yaesu Models:

  • FT-1500
  • FT-1500M
  • FT-1802
  • FT-1802M
  • FT-1807
  • FT-1807M
  • FT-1900
  • FT-1900R
  • FT-2600
  • FT-2800
  • FT-2800M
  • FT-2900
  • FT-2900R
  • FT-2980R
  • FT-3000
  • FT-7100
  • FT-7100M
  • FT-7800
  • FT-7800R
  • FT-7900R
  • FT-8100M
  • FT-8500
  • FT-8500M
  • FT-8800
  • FT-8800R
  • FT-8900
  • FT-8900R
  • FTM-100DR/DE
  • FTM-3100
  • FTM-3100R
  • FTM-3200DR
  • FTM-3207DR
  • FTM-7250

TYT Models:

  • TYT TH-7800
  • TYT TH-9800
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