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HAM RADIO OUTLET IC-7000 Separation Kit

HAM RADIO OUTLET IC-7000 Separation Kit

ICOM IC-7000 RJ45 Cable Separation Kit

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The IC-7000 Separation Kit is intended to be used with ICOM IC-7000 transceivers

  • Combines a separation kit (OPC-1443 alternative) and a mounting bracket (MB-105A
  • Important: Two Cables are Required: RJ-45 Cable for Control Interface and RCA Cable for Video.
  • Desktop and Mobile Application

This Separation Kit uses a normal RJ-45 cable for control interface and a RCA Cable for the Video
Signal from a base unit (both cables are not included).

Quality of these cables affect overall transmit and display picture quality: in some cases weak digital noise may exist during
transmission or display picture could be noisy.

It is recommended to use flat RJ-45 cables with shielded twisted pairs (hard to identify as they are inside of the cable, but CAT6, CAT7 or CAT8 cables may have such pairs) for control interface.

For the Video Signal it is reccomended to use Thick Shielded 75 Ohm RCA cables. Up to 5 meters cables length is recommended.