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40/20/15/10 Meter Vertical Antenna

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New Cushcraft Multiband Vertical Antenna

Covers 40/20/15/10 Meters

  • Handles 1200W SSB, 500W CW, 500W digital
  • Enhanced 40-Meter Performance
  • Low Angle Radiation
  • Sleek Low Profile Design

Easy to install

  • Simple Tune By One Person

Weighs just 5 pounds and only 19 Feet Tall

  • Water resistant SO-239 connection
  • Individual resonators are simple to tune for lowest SWR with KHz accuracy on every band
  • Center loading on 40 Meters improves efficiency and lowers center of gravity and increases strong wind survivability
  • High-Q top-loading resonators deliver less loss, higher gain on 20/15/10 Meters
  • Automatic band-switching uses high-tech parallel end resonators instead of lossy series traps

Cushcraft vs. Hustler 4-BTV

  • Enhanced 40-Meter Performance
  • Highly efficient end/center loading
  • Parallel resonators
  • Included simple instructions
  • Low Center of Gravity
  • Built-in SO-239 Connector
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