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Alinco Ultra Compact 2 Meter Radio

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The Alinco's latest 2M DR-CS10 in its ultra compact package is loaded with high technology features.The easy and smooth operation of DR-CS10 is inherited from popular Alinco radio equipment series such as a large back-lit display & microphone, excellent transmit/receive audio, 200ch memories, various scanning and more and more at No extra costs! Affordable, easy-to-use DR-CS10 will offer everything you may expect from a 2M mobile transceiver.

DR-CS10 Features:

  • Output power selectable 60W
  • PC-programmable 200 channel
  • Alphanumeric name tags
  • Wide variety of selective calling features
    - Built-In, 2-Tone/5-Tone, 51 CTCSS, 1024 DCS, 4 Tone-burst tones and DTMF / ANI decode
  • Large, bright LCD and easy-to-operate backlit microphone keys
  • Multi-function microphone enables direct frequency entry & remote control
  • Various scan modes, Key lock, Wide / Narrow operations and more!
  • Clean, clear Alinco audio


Frequency Range:

  • TX: 144 - 147.9975 MHz
  • RX: 136 - 173.9975MHz

Memory Channels: 200 channels

Channel Spacing: 25KHz (Wide mode) / 20KHz (Middle mode) / 12.5KHz (Narrow mode) 

Channel Steps: 2.5KHz, 5KHz, 6.25KHz, 8.33KHz, 10KHz, 12.5KHz, 15KHz, 20KHz, 25KHz, 30KHz, 50KHz

Operating Voltage: 13.8V DC ±15% 

Squelch: Carrier / CTCSS / DCS / 5Tone / 2Tone / DTMF 

Frequency Stability: +/- 2.5ppm TCXO 

Operating Temperature:-20°C~ +60°C 

Usable Temperature Range: 14°F ~ 140°F (-10°C ~ +60°C) 

Dimensions (w/o projection): 

  • 5.709(W) x1.378(H)x 7.087(D) in approx.
  • 145 (W) x 35 (H) x 180 (D) mm approx. 

WeightWeight Approx: 0.910 kg / 32.1 ounce


  • Output power: Approx. 60W
  • Modulation: Wide Mode: 16KΦF3E / Narrow Mode: 1KΦF3E
  • Adjacent Channel Power: Wide Mode: ≥68dB / Narrow Mode: ≥60dB
  • Hum & Noise: Wide Mode: ≥40dB / Narrow Mode: ≥36dB
  • Spurious Emission: Wide Mode: ≥60dB / Narrow Mode: ≥60dB
  • Audio Response: Wide Mode: +1~-3dB (0.3~3KHz) / Narrow Mode: +1~-3dB (0.3~2.55KHz
  • Audio Distortion: ≤5%
  • Current drain (max): 10A (TX) / 0.6A (RX)


  • Receive System: Double-conversion superheterodyne
  • Sensitivity (12dB Sinad): Wide mode: ≤0.3μV / Narrow mode: ≤0.35μV
  • Adjacent Channel Selectivity: Wide mode: ≥70dB / Narrow mode: ≥60dB
  • Intermodulation: Wide mode: ≥65dB / Narrow mode: ≥60dB
  • Spurious Rejection: Wide mode: ≥70dB / Narrow mode: ≥70dB
  • Audio Response: Wide mode: +1~-3dB(0.3~3KHz) / Narrow mode: +1~-3dB(0.3~2.55KHz)
  • Hum & Noise: Wide mode: ≥45dB / Narrow mode: ≥40dB
  • Audio Distortion: ≤5%
  • Audio Power Putput: >2W@10%


  • Instruction manual

  • EMS-74 DTMF Microphone

  • Mounting Bracket w/screw kit

  • ADUA38 DC Power Cable