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Lido Radio Products LM-LoPro-QR

Lido Radio Products LM-LoPro-QR

Lido Low Profile Mount

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The LoPro mount is a low profile mount that has a drill down base as well as 3m adhesive attached to the base. You can either drill it down or use the adhesive and mount it without drilling any holes.

This package comes with the Lido QR pack. With the QR pack, you can attach any amateur radio remote head transceiver.

The QR pack comes with a face plate that includes a 1/4 X 20 and 5mm screw. The LM-LoPro-QR face has a 4 hole AMPS pattern that you can attach your remote head bracket to with the included screws and nuts.

Please Note: In some cases the remote head bracket comes with the transceiver and is an option on others. You will need the remote bracket in order for this mount to work and it is not included. The Yaesu FTM series does not need a remote head bracket. The 5mm attachment threads directly into the remote head"

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