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COMPACtenna 20/40MICRO

COMPACtenna 20/40MICRO

20 and 40 Meter Band Tiny HF Antenna - Only 10in Size

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Tiny Antenna for the 20 & 40 Meter HF Bands

HF ‘Plug-and-Play’ - Just connect to your radio/coaxial lead & operate in seconds

Antenna has an incorporated 5’ quality flexible UV-resistant coaxial cable terminated with select ferrite beads and a PL-259. An SO-239 double female barrel adapter is included for connecting a PL-259 terminated extension cable.

HOA, Home, Condo Better performance is generally seen with antenna one or two floors above ground level such as in an attic or closet and about 10 feet or more from metal/RF-interactive structures.

If your home has undesirably high RF noise (such as from electrical appliances, switching power supplies of electric devices, even light bulbs, etc.) that you aren’t able to reduce sufficiently with such as grounding, ferrite beads, antenna location, etc. or your home is made of RF absorbing/reflective/interactive material (walls/roof), consider placing the antenna outside.

(see INSTALLS page of COMPACtenna.com for helpful ideas)

All materials and construct are weather/UV resistant.

Consider placing the antenna in/on a wooden, fiberglass or PVC, other non-RF Interacting material structure such as a shed/barn, gazebo, pergola, archway, trellis, patio roof, patio over-head structure, or even (temporary, as appropriate) a fiberglass ~10’ step-ladder.

Better performance is generally seen with antenna about 10 or more feet above ground/water and about 10 or more feet from metal/RF-interactive structures.


  • Only 10” x 10” x 10” (only 2.5 pounds)

No ground plane counterpoise needed

No ground stake needed

No metal mast needed (do not use – see above)

No wires needed

Each antenna manufactured is precisely tested/tuned before shipment.

Low SWR: nominal <2:1

The entire 20 Meter Band 14-14.35 MHz

On the 40 Meter Band 7.1-7.2 MHz; much of/entire band with tuner

With internal tuners choose center frequency with SWR<3:1 and then activate internal tuner

Proximity to metal/RF-interactive structures/materials can affect SWR

Maximum Power Rating: 100 Watts SSB voice; 15 Watts other modes
Under normal use and conditions
Always check SWR; operate only per transmitter/amplifier specifications

Antenna Type: Unique Electric/Magnetic Field Diversity Science & Technology Patented Design Patent No. US 9,407,001
Special design construct of spiraled metal sheeting including ‘extended flat monofilar spiral Tesla-like coils’

“Magnetic Field Resonator”: This built-in resonating matching system is an effectual component of the electromagnetic E & H fields
production, resulting in better performance than expected for such a small antenna.

Antenna is omni-directional (works in all directions)

Ionosphere propagation including NVIS
is supported by broad hemispheric elevation coordinate pattern, phase delay, and elliptical polarization.

With a particularly strong magnetic near field, proximity noise is reduced.

Follow applicable RF-Exposure Regulations.
Follow local building codes including NEC grounding/lightning/etc. and NFPA guidelines.
Don’t touch any part of antenna structure, support, feedline, grounding,
lightning arrestor components/systems nor any other part of installation and related parts/structures while transmitting.

[Design and specifications subject to change without notice.]

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