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Chameleon Antenna CHA TDL NO COAX MINI

Chameleon Antenna CHA TDL NO COAX MINI

Tactical Delta Loop Antenna For Portable HF Ops 500W SSB

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** CHA 50 COAX WITH RFI Choke Pictured Not Included In Package **

The Tactical Delta Loop antenna (CHA TDL), is a portable High Frequency (HF) antenna specially designed for transportability, quick setup, and a small footprint. This antenna is ideal for camping or temporary installation in a townhome or other houses with a small yard or antenna restrictions. It can operate on all amateur radio bands from 3.5 to 54.0 MHz (80-6M), but is most effective on the bands from 10.1 to 54.0 MHz (30-6M). The Tactical Delta Loop will also provide acceptable shorter range Near-Vertical Incidence Skywave (NVIS) propagation on the 3.5 to 7.0 MHz bands (80 - 40M) making it a useful backup EMCOMM antenna preparedness.

The Tactical Delta Loop can easily be configured as a horizontally polarized inverted Delta Loop or as a ground mounted vertical antenna. Some of the advantages of a Delta Loop antenna over a vertical are increased efficiency, reduced noise, and some broadside directionality. An antenna tuner or coupler is required for operation on the amateur radio bands from 3.5 to 7.0 MHz (80-40M). Setup can typically be accomplished by one operator in 5 minutes.

The Tactical Delta Loop antenna is comprised of two 17-foot telescoping whip antennas, a matching transformer, a 25-foot loop wire, a ground spike mount, a “V” coupling, and 50 feet of coaxial cable. Antennas built by Chameleon Antenna are versatile, dependable, stealthy, and built to last. Please read this operator’s manual so you may obtain the maximum utility from your Tactical Delta Loop antenna.


  • Frequency: 6M - 80M
  • Power: 500 Watts SSB Phone, 250 Watts CW, 40 Watts High Duty Cycle Digital Modes
  • Mounting Configuration: 3/8-24 Thread

The Antenna System Consists Of:

  • 1 X 25' WIRE
  • 2 X SS17 (17' long collapsible stainless steel whip)
  • 1 X CHA TDL HUB Adapter
  • Stainless Steel Hardware


  • 1 X CHA 50’ Coax with RFI Choke (OPTIONAL - Listed Below In Accessories)


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