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2 Position Coax Antenna Switch With SO-239 UHF Connectors

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2-Postion Coaxial Antenna Switch

The OPEK CX-201U Coax Switch utilizes a center ground tap that keeps the unused port terminal grounded when not in use.

The CX-201U Coac Switch has UHF-Female (SO-239) coaxial connectors and better than 50dB isolation.

As a passive device you can use it in both directions:

  • Two Radios and One Antenna
  • One Antenna and Two Radios


  • Rotary Selection
  • VSWR: < 1.2:1
  • Center Ground Tap
  • Impedance: 50-Ohms
  • Power Rating: 1kW (cw)
  • Frequency: Up to 600 MHz
  • Insertion Loss: < 0.2 dB
  • Isolation Loss: Better than 50dB
  • Coaxial Connectors: UHF-Female (SO-239)