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Dualband Yagi for WARC Bands 12 and 17 Meters - Plus Shipping Charges

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The DUO7 12/17 is a Dualband Yagi for WARC Bands with compact dimensions and surprising performance. It features full size elements and optimized spacing with latest generation simulation software. Simple to assemble, DUO7 12/17 does not need any calibration. Thanks to its low SWR on all operating bands, it is a perfect fit for modern transceivers and linear amplifiers.

Requires only one coaxial cable
Requires a rotor for medium load

RF Choke: 3kW included


Longest Element: 850 cm/27.88 ft

Power Handling: 10 kW

Wind Area: 0.69 m²/7.50 sq ft

Wind Load 130Km/h: 565 N

Wind Survival*: 160 Kmh – 100 Mph

Tower Leg/Mast Diameter: 50/60 mm – 2/2.36 inch (larger on request – specify on order form)

RF Choke**: 3 KW included

Weight (excluding packaging): 26 Kg/57 lb


Tubes and Plates: Aluminum alloy 6060T6

Hardware: stainless steel

Insulating Clamps: polypropylene UV resistant

Manual: English

*Wind survival is the maximum wind speed to which the antenna can be subjected without incurring permanent deformation (calculated in the absence of ice)

**The Momobeam RF Choke (standard product offering, rated at 3 KW) is made from high quality Teflon dielectric, double shielded, low loss coaxial cable with properly selected ferrite material that is sleeved over the cable that together, create a high impedance path for RF, providing high isolation between the antenna and coaxial feedline.

An SO-239 female connector is included for convenient attachment to the customer feedline and its PL-259 Male connector.