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Palstar AMU-1K

1.8 - 30 MHz Automatic Antenna Tuner 160 - 10 Meters SO-239 Connectors

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The Palstar AMU-1000 is a Fully Automatic Touch Screen Auto-Tuner rated for 1000 Watts RF Power.

This tuner features a low loss L-Network, and dual relay switching for each location where high RF voltage is switched. Frequency coverage is 1.8 to 30 MHz

Special Feature of the AMU-1000 included a selectable high power 50 ohm RF Load that switches "in" while tuning. This insures that your transmitter sees a low SWR during all auto-tuning adjustments. The menu refers to this selection as the "Pad" setting since it attenuates most of the transmit signal during the short tuning cycle when enabled. The pad resistor is rates for 800W.

Another handy feature, is a relay that can me used to interrupt your amplifier PTT keying line whenever auto-tuning is in process, or in case of antenna fault. This helps protect your amplifier and tuner while auto-tuning. As with Palstar's HF Auto Tuner, the match settings are automatically stored in memory based on the frequency counter data. Match recall cycles are quick at around 250 milliseconds.