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bhi Ltd GB8M

bhi Ltd GB8M

Ground Breaker 8 Ohm Mono

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The bhi Ground Breaker audio isolation unit offers a simple solution to RFI and ground loop audio breakthrough

RF breakthrough and earth loop current issues tend to happen when a transceiver is in transmit mode (keyed). You will hear a buzz or your own distorted voice coming out of the audio. The two main reasons are a poorly matched antenna or a difference in ground currents between pieces of equipment. RFI issues are usually caused by reflected waves coming back down the outside of the coax whilst earth loop problems are usually caused when the same power supply for the radio and “add-on” audio equipment is being used.

The new bhi GroundBreaker is a quick and easy solution to solve this issue by totally isolating the grounds of your external audio equipment from those of the radio system.

The bhi GroundBreaker is easy to install and simply fits in between your radio and audio equipment. Connections are 3.5mm mono or stereo and no extra leads are usually required.