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bhi Ltd NEDSP1962-KBD
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bhi Ltd NEDSP1962-KBD

Noise Eliminating DSP Module - Amplified Pre-Wired Module (Direct replacement for NEDSP1062-KBD)

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The NEDSP1962-KBD amplified DSP noise cancelling module can be retrofitted inside many types of extension speaker or older style radios and transceivers.

It incorporates unique Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology which can identify speech from within a noisy signal and can provide up to 40 dB of noise reduction and 65 dB of tone reduction.

The module comes pre-wired and with an on-board power amplifier enabling it to be easily incorporated into existing equipment. All the module functions are controlled by the pre-wired keyboard switch assembly.

The NEDSP1962-KBD uses a powerful programmable DSP audio processing chip with DSP noise cancelling technology inside. This high−performance chip delivers exceptional sound quality and incorporates a full audio signal chain with 16−bit A/D converters and digital interfaces utilising fully flexible digital processing architecture.

The audio amplifier stage is provided by a Texas Instruments 7W Mono Class-D audio power amplifier chip which is 94% efficient, eliminating the need for heatsinks.