MFJ MFJ-1734

MFJ MFJ-1734

144 / 430 MHz Dual Band On Glass Mount Mobile Antenna - 26 Inches Tall - 12 Feet of Coax - PL-259

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This is the best glass mount dual band 144/440 MHz antenna in Ham Radio!

It's easy to install on glass windows or other non-conductive surfaces.

A small 6 inch counterpoise mounted inside your vehicle lowers SWR and makes tuning easy. Tuning for minimum SWR is conveniently done inside your vehicle. Tuning tool included.

It's perfect for your Dual Band Mobile or HT.

You'll get excellent gain on 440 MHz and 2 Meters. Low SWR lets you transceiver deliver full power safely.

MFJs exclusive 26 inch stainless steel SlimLineRadiator minimizes wind vibration for less SWR flutter -- gives you longer range and better readability.

Handles 50 Watts. Includes 12 feet of coax, cleaning pad and all mounting hardware.
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