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3.5 - 54 MHz Automatic Antenna Tuner - 120 Watts - For Icom Radios with Tuner Control

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The Icom AH-4 coupler covers all amateur bands from 3.5 MHz through 50 MHz with a 7 m (23 ft) or longer wire antenna, or the optional AH-2b antenna.

Compact yet durable, it's designed for easy installation in a variety of locations, outdoors, on a back porch or in your vehicle. Weather-resistant construction, using rubber gasket seals, enables operation in all conditions.

Full automatic tuning
The AH-4 is designed for use with Icom HF transceivers. Just push [TUNER] switch on most modern Icom transceivers and the AH-4 adjusts imediately to the minimum SWR. The AH-4 automatically performs tuning operations for mode, power settings, etc. The average tune-up time is less than 2.5 sec. on each band.

(Antenna coupler is not designed for use with antennas fed with coaxial cable or ladder line)

Supplied accessories
Mounting kit  / Insulation cover 
Coaxial cable (5 m; 16.4 ft)
Control cable (5m; 16 ft 5 in) 
PL-259 plugs

Shipping weight 8lbs.
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