3.5 - 28 MHz Vertical Antenna - 80 - 10 Meters - No Radials Required - 25 Feet Tall - SO239

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The DX-88 offers coverage of all the HF amateur bands. The key design feature that makes the DX-88 this flexible is the adjustable capacitors that eliminate many of the tuning problems with other verticals. 80 and 40 meters can even be tuned from the ground without having to lower the antenna. The DX-88 handles maximum legal power on all bands, features low-loss traps and has a low angle of radiation for good DX performance. The self-supporting DX-88 comes with stainless steel hardware for long term reliability and will withstand 75 mph winds without damage. Any vertical antenna works better with a ground system and the DX-88 is no exception.

Shipping weight 26lbs

DX-88 Specifications
Electrical Specifications
Bands 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 30, 40, and 80 Meters
Max Power 1500 Watts PEP
Input Connector
Mechanical Specifications
Height 25 feet
Antenna Weight 18 pounds
Wind Survival 75 MPH (no guy)
Recommended Mast Size 1.5 in - 1.625 in. OD

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