Scanner Master ARC8200V2

Scanner Master ARC8200V2

Programming Software CD for AOR AR8200

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ARC8200 Programming Software for the AOR 8200. The best memory manager you can get. Presents data in a spread sheet. Supports clipboard and many other options suggested by users. Only the ARC8200 memory manager really reads ALL parameters stored in your memorybanks! Your AR8200 has a so called preprogammed bandplan. In automode the scanner will automaticaly select mode and step from a default bandplan that is stored inside the scanner. As you probably noticed the factory bandplan is not very good. With the bandplan manager your download / edit and upload the bandplan. You can modify it very easy for your own convenience. Your personal bandplan is stored in the AR8200 in non volatile memory. The spectrum analyser include in ARC8200 can be used to search for new or secret frequencies. while you are working, sleeping the spectrum analyser search a frequency range and shows you a grafical presentation of any activity that took place. The spectrum analyser was desgined together with professional radio monitoring companies! But there is more: the spectrum analyser not only shows activity but also calculates a hit ratio for every frequency. The hitratio shows how often a frequency is used.
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