West Mountain CLR/SPKR 58407-948

West Mountain CLR/SPKR 58407-948

Amplified Loudspeaker with ClearSpeech® Adaptive DSP Noise Reduction for Voice and CW 58407-948

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The West Mountain Radio CLR/SPKR is a small loudspeaker containing a ClearSpeech® adaptive noise reduction circuit and audio amplifier. It is ideal for mobile radio operation. Noise reduction is superb. The DSP passes the voice and CW sounds, while attenuating noise, such as hum, hiss, whistles, static. It effectively removes heterodynes, ignition noise, lightening crashes, power line noise, and hum. The process is dynamic and changes with the interference and the signal, but the effect is rewarding. Mobile voice operation is fun without all that background noise. The DSP recognizes the intermittent nature of CW and allows it to pass noise free.
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