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6 BAND YAGI 40-10M 24FT BOOM - Purchase of EB-1 Balun recommended! (Free Shipping Lower 48)

HRO Discount Price: $2,599.00

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Detailed Product Description
The Delta 6ba Yagi antenna covers 6 bands. The core of the design are two individual Yagis. The Force 12 XR-5 covers 5 bands: 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10 meters with a single feed line and is on an 18' boom. The second antenna is the Force 12 Delta 240, which is a new generation 2 element 40 meter Yagi. The Delta 6ba Yagi uses both of the individual Yagi antennas and combines them on a single 24' long boom. The The XR-5 is in the middle of the boom and the Delta 240 elements are at the ends of the boom. In essence, the XR-5 is placed inside the Delta 240.

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