***DEMOS ONLY***Geosat G6 APRS Ready Navigation System

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AVMAP G6 Navigator

In keeping with the tradition and legacy of the Avmap G4 and G5 products the Avmap Geosat 6, otherwise known as the Avmap G6 will continue to support APRS and the direct two-way communication passing of NEMA data to your choice of NEMA capable transceivers. As with the G4 and G5, the G6 will support mapping of NEMA passed position locations sent as an APRS output stream from your NEMA capable transciever of choice. (This transceiver must  capable of passing APRS streams in serial form otherwise know as NEMA96)

The new Geosat 6 (G6) is a composite of Italian design and state of the art technology. The Geosat 6 includes a host of features studied to guarantee the safest navigation experience:  a 4.8” full colour display in 16:9 widescreen format and turn-by-turn vocal instructions announcing street names with the Text-to-Speech technology.

The “Trip Computer” helps the driver getting an overview of the journey, showing information such as speed graphs, average speed, highest speed reached, stop time etc.

The “Stop Planner” is useful to organize the perfect journey. By simply setting the destination and time of departure and specifying a parameter of time or kilometres within which the driver desires to set the stop, the software finds the closest Hotel, Restaurant or Gas Station as requested.
Geosat 6 calculates the Ideal Route according to the parameters chosen by the driver, allowing a full personalization of the itinerary.

On top of high standard technology, the Geosat 6 has a new slim and stylish design. With the smart magnetic mount it is very easy to place the navigator in the car. The driver can choose the best view on navigation rotating the navigator on the car mount: the software will automatically switch from landscape to portrait mode.

In order togain a greater understanding of the features of this product Don Arnold W6GPS has produced a 10 miunte video discussing the physical and operation aspects of this fine product. You view the video by selecting this link: AVMAP G6 Video

To learn about some state of the art additonal features in the AVMAP G6 specifically "Dead Reckoning" and the "Target Feature" take a look at this short video by Bob Bruniga the APRS founder, developer and stong promoter. AVMAP G6 Additonal Features

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