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Powerwerx WXTNC-CIG
Wouxun HT to TNC interface cable with Cigarette Lighter Plug

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Detailed Product Description
This cable allows you to connect a Wouxun handheld radio to a Byonics TinyTrak3+, TinyTrak4, Kantronics KPC-3+, or other compatible TNC. Shielded data lines. Utilizes a cigarette lighter plug to power the TNC.


Fits Wouxun KG-UV3D, KG-UV6D, KG-UVA1 and KG-833.

Note: When used with the TinyTrak3+, R8 should be removed from the TT3+ PCB. When used with the TinyTrak4, JP8 should be removed on the PCB.

Wiring is:
DB-9 male pin 1 to 1/8" stereo ring (mic audio)
DB-9 male pin 3 to 1/8" stereo shield (PTT)
DB-9 male pin 5 to 3/32" mono tip (earphone)
DB-9 male pin 6 to 3/32" mono shield (ground) and power connector -
DB-9 male pin 7 to power connector +

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