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10/12M Long John Mono Bander-3 Element Beam

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Detailed Product Description

The Hygain LJ-113 is a three element 10/12 Meter beam antenna designed to give maximum performance. It is similar to the larger LJ-115

It has an amazing forward gain of 8.2 dB and a great front-to-back ratio of 20 dB.

LJ-113 is constructed of the best quality aluminum tubing and uses a new swaged (tapered) design for maximum strength and lightest weight. It boasts an 80 MPH wind survivability.

This powerful beam features Hy’Gain’s exclusive Beta-Match™ system which matches the antenna to a 50 Ohm feedline and puts the driven element at DC ground for noise-free operation and lightning protection.

LJ-113 is easily rotated with a Hygain rotator for 360 degree coverage. See popular Hygain models AR-40 and CD-45II. Feed this antenna with any standard 52 Ohm coaxial cable. Expect a 1.05:1 SWR at resonance if the antenna is mounted in the clear and care is taken in attaching the feedline. The SWR will remain below 1.5:1 over the entire 10 Meter frequency range.

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