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Aspect Solar ENERGYBAR-250
Aspect Solar
EnergyBar 250 Lightweight High-Capacity Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery pack

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Detailed Product Description
The EnergyBar 250 is the most lightweight high-capacity battery pack available on the market. It utilizes a Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery for long-life and thousands of cycles.  Also comes with a weather-resistant neoprene carrying case making the best solution for all of our outdoor power needs like tailgating, camping, sailing, flying, traveling, or even working.  This high capacity battery back is safe to check-in on your next flight, and even fits in your backpack or suitcase as a carry-on.  It can charge anything with the universal AC output up to a maximum of 100-Watts.  The EnergyBar 250 can be charged from a wall socket, car lighter socket, directly from our SunSocket Solar Generator or EP-55 Solar Panels.


This product is compatible with the EP-55 Portable Solar Panels. Don't forget to add this to your order!  Learn more HERE!

EP-55 Portable


20Ah LiFePO4 BATTERY (256 Watt Hours)
The EnergyBar 250 uses the best battery technology available known as Lithium Iron Phosphate or "LiFePO4" NOT Lead Acid.  This 20Ah (256Wh) battery has a very long lifespan and can sit idle for years while only self-discharging at a minor 0-2% per month making our solar generator very ideal for anyone from a weekend camper to life long Prepper.   Lead Acid batteries commonly found in portable batteries are extremely heavy and often need to be replaced.  

Ultra Slim Design
This high capacity battery pack is only 2 inches (5cm) thick!  The ultra slim design allows you to store the EnergyBar 250 anywhere, and it weighs less than 8 pounds!  

EnergyBar 250

Weather Resistant Carrying Case Included
Neoprene carrying bag keeps the EnergyBar 250 protected at all times.  Side pocket on the bag allows you to keep all of your adapters with you at one time.  

EnergyBar 250

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