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Wonder-Wand Antennas U.K. WW-WL206

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Wonder-Wand Antennas U.K.
WonderWand Tunable Compact Loop 20M-6M 10W

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Detailed Product Description
This is a unique new product for all QRP tranceivers covering 20M - 6M in one convenient tuning range with a nominal power rating of up to 10 Watts.

To setup simply connect the tuning box to the transceiver or magnetic mount then form the supplied copper wire into a loop and connect to the terminals on the tuning box. Set the band on the transceiver to match the tuning range of the loop and you are ready to go!

The antenna should provide hours of fin while out portable although it has been proven to work well indoors too!

To pack away, simply coil up the wire into a smaller loop and the whole package is then pocket sized!

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