Davis RF DRF-400

Davis RF DRF-400

Premium Low Loss DRF400 Coax Cable - Comparable to LMR400 - Per Foot

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100'  of DRF-400 Coax - (LMR-400 Comparable Low Loss)

Just .7 db loss per 100 feet at 30 MHz!  Made in the USA!

DRF-400 is a very similar low loss coax to LMR ®-400. LMR-400 has been the gold standard in top quality coax for many amateurs look for high quality, low loss coax that is easy to work with and install. Simply put, LMR-400 has much improved loss characteristics over RG-213 and RG-8. While being nearly the identical size, DRF-400 has such great loss characteristics that it is used by hams for both HF, VHF & UHF cable runs. 

LMR-400, however, can be prohibitively expensive.  In this case, by choosing DRF-400, you are saving nearly 22% over LMR-400 prices.

DRF-400 is manufactured in the U.S.

Installing connectors is quite simple with the recommended (optional) tools and connectors (optional). Any regular PL-259, N connector and others, will work fine with this cable. 

DRF-400 is distributed by one of the most respected names in amateur radio wire and coax, Davis RF of North Haverhill, NH. With over 25 years of experience in producing and engineering high quality low lass cables like Bury-Flex (TM) and antenna wire like Flex-Weave - their reputation is unparalleled. While supplies last get a pre-cut section of DRF-400 sent to you now - make a 100' run or multiple jumper cables...perfect for whatever your needs might be.

Flex-Weave and Bury-Flex are Tm's of DAVIS RF Co.

LMR® is a trade mark of Times Microwave Systems.

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