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Xiegu X6200
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Xiegu X6200

HF/50MHz All-Mode Ultra-Portable SDR Transceiver

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Xiegu's New Flagship X6200 is a portable HF/6M Band Transceiver that fully takes advantage of the new powerful DRFS (Direct RF Sampling) Architecture.

This newly designed RF Architecture Platform provides higher receiver sensitivity and lower noise floor levels, resulting in a better performance, and a better experience especially with weak signals. 

Some exciting features of the X6200 Hf Transceiver include a built-in antenna tuner, a 4-inch Color Display with 800 x 480 pixel resolution and spectrum waterfall display. Digital Filters with Variable Width and Digital Noise Suppression will help pull in signals under less than ideal band conditions.

The Xiegu X6200 also features two USB Connections, which can also be used for remote control.

The Xiegu XPA125B amplifier can be connected and automatically controlled via the ACC interface.

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